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AGA Helicopters offers a full suite of offshore helicopter support services.

Whatever your requirements, Aerios Global Aviation has the expertise to meet your needs.

Aerios Global Aviation has experienced crews and personnel, which enables us to supply the offshore industry with deck landing, hoist and cargo slinging services, including Ship Pilot Services, landing on oil rigs, oil tankers and bulk cargo carriers.  AGA is working hard in association with the maritime industry, to meet the needs of the industry. AGA is OGP 390 (Oil, Gas and Petroleum) approved, as well as being a member of SAOGA (South African Oil and Gas Alliance).​



AGA has a private helistop located in the Customs and Immigration Zone of the Port of Cape Town, allowing for rapid processing of on and off-signers from ships.

Aerios Global Aviation is committed to helping those in need of rescue from adverse conditions. As an operation based in Cape Town we are uniquely situated between the mountains and the seas. Our twin engine helicopter is perfectly suited for day and night offshore rescue operations.

We are proud of our participation in marine salvage work, helping the maritime industry and authorities, with the assistance of AGA’s Mi-8MTV1 helicopters efficient heavy lift capability, and our Airbus 145 helicopters for efficiency with lighter loads and personnel transport when major oil pollution and extreme weather and sea conditions threaten our pristine eco-sensitive coastal environment. 

Ship Service

AGA offers a full range of ship service

Crew Changes

Rapid and safe crew changes.

Offshore Resupply

Food, spares and other necessities flown to your vessel

Surveyor Transport

Hoist or land on capability 24/7

Medevac Service

We can fly patients directly to a world class hospital. 

Kiani Satu salvage 1.jpg

Assitance with marine salvage operations

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